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PetraSim Mesh Shape

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The simple answer to your question is that PetraSim uses a rectangular grid. The grid spacing does not need to be. In addition, the user can set some cells to "disabled" either manually in the grid editor or using contour files. You can see images of such files at http://www.thunderheadeng.com/category/petrasim-gallery/

However, the underlying grid is still rectangular. The reason for using a rectangular grid is that TOUGH2 uses the Integrated Finite Volume approach. To satisfy convergence criteria, the grid must be a "voronoi grid". Essentially, this means that cell volumes must be defined by planes normal to lines drawn between the centers of adjacent cells. The simplest grid that satisfies this criterion is a rectangular grid. The use of rectangular grids is implied, for instance, by the fact the TOUGH2 expects only ks, ky, kz, not a full permeability tensor.

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