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Using Triangulation gridding - surfaces/strat mods

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The Triangulation gridding method interpolates node values by first connecting all of the control points in a series of triangles. Unless you have control points evenly distributed around the perimeter of your project area (unlikely) there will probably be grid nodes that lie outside the triangle network.

In Rockworks, there's a setting for this gridding method that lets you choose whether it should interpolate edge points (default, recommended) or not. If you choose the latter, you are asked to enter the default Z value for those nodes that lie outside the triangle network. If you enter 0 for this default, for example, and the rest of your grid nodes range from 1000 to 1200, your surface will have steep cliffs along its edges.

If you want to use Triangulation gridding, you should be sure that Interpolate Edge Points is turned on.

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