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The PetraSim version of TETRAD supports wells in the following ways:

1. Reading of wells from CTR files.

2. Display of wells in the model and optionally in the 3D results view.

3. Writing of the TETRAD well !&# data files.

The well input format in the CTR file follows Appendix G of the InterSim manual. An example file is given below. Do not include any of the input after and including the !.

Example of input of 2 wells ! Line 1 - Title

<top origin> ! Line 2 - Orientation (required as given)

2 ! Number of wells

RRG-1 ! Name of first well

1 ! Number of subsegments (required to be 1)

3 ! Number of coordinate input lines

12959 8383 -4836 ! Coord 1

12959 8383 0 ! Coord 2

12959 8383 150 ! Coord 3

RRG-2 ! Repeat for second well



15398 5377 -4845

15398 5377 0

15398 5377 1698

So create such a file named *.ctr and read it with File->Read Wells From File...

Once loaded, expand the well list in the tree view and double click on any well to edit.

You can then write the well data and it will create the TETRAD well !&# data files.

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