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Manually building a stratigraphic model with pinch

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1. First locate your top ("superface") and bottom ("subface") grid models for each stratigraphic unit. These can be created using the Borehole Manager's Stratigraphy | Model tool, or they can be the result of grid filtering/import/other operations.

2. Next, in the Geological Utilities, select File | New Datasheet, expand the Stratigraphy heading in the Column Titles window, and select Grid Lists from the layout templates. In this datasheet you enter the name for the unit (which should match the name in your stratigraphy table if you include a legend), the top and bottom grid model names, the color for each unit, and a cutoff value. Be sure to list the grids in reverse order (lowest unit listed first) in the spreadsheet. The "cutoff" represents the thickness below which the unit will be pinched out; you might start out with a cutoff thickness of 1 in the 5th column.

3. Once you have this list constructed, use the Geological Utilities | Grids | Grids to Stratigraphic Model option to build the model. You should get a 3D stratigraphic model with your units pinching out where they have a thickness less than 1.

At the time of this writing, there is a Case Study on the RockWare support site that addresses Modeling Complex Stratigraphy in RockWorks2002 (and applies to '2004).

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