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Top and Base of Formations

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How come some of my individual models display top of and bottom of files for individual formations, whereas other models do not? It would be useful for me to have these files for every model.


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Any time you have a surface displayed in RockPlot3D, there will be a grid file name shown in the Linked File List. If you have a stratigraphic model displayed, you'll see a grid file name for each surface. RockPlot3D does not store any grid (or solid) model data in the XML file; it only stores the NAME of the external model, and links to it.

How these grid models are named depends on how the diagram was built:

The Stratigraphy / Model tool creates an upper and lower surface for each strat unit, saving these grid files automatically. It uses a naming scheme of "formation_top.grd" and "formation_base.grd". (RockWorks could prompt for each file name as it's being built, but that would be annoying.)

The Stratigraphy / Structural Elevations / 3d / All Surfaces option also names the grid surfaces automatically, but since it's building just the tops, it names the grid models "formation_.grd".

The Stratigraphy / Structural Elevations / 3d / One Surface option requires that you manually assign the grid model name. This is also true of other individual-surface tools, such as the Geol Utils Map / Grid-Based Map tool.

Does this answer your question?


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