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I am trying to produce a stratigraphy cross section in an area that has a number of faults. I am using the inverse distance method with the fault box ticked to interpolate the section however the interpolated section doesn't come close to matching the actual data. Is there anythng else I shoud do also what does the fault multipier number do?



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RockWorks only does vertical faults and while they work fine for surface maps they won't be very realistic for any faulting that is not vertical. For your section make sure that any smoothing is turned off (Smooth Grid, Polyenhancement) which will remove differences. Also set Smoothing Passes to 0.

The Distance Multiplier adds an extra factor to the distance of a control point if it lies across the fault from the node that's being calculated. This limits the influence of control points across faults. You can try raising this number to increase the effect of the faulting.

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