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A Specific Model

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Hi I wondered if you could help me with this problem i'm having in setting up a model...

The model comprises of a Triassic-aged mudstone with a very heterogeneous Quaternary-aged glacial till on top. As there is an unconformity present between the two layers, I want the mudstone to remain as a single layer (maybe varying in the underground topography) followed by till on top. The till is quite complex and obviously sand lenses etc within it will pinch out, but I don't want any of the mudstone to be detached from the main underlying layer.

I have created my BH logs, but wondered if I need to create the mudstone as part of the stratigraphy and be one type of lithology, while the till has many types of lithologies within it.

I am a little confused with it, as I am still getting used to this software.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Many thanks,


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