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Warping to grid problem.

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Look at my attachment.

The 2D grid is larger than the 3D grid. As you can see by the picture the middle is being pushed down too much and the edges are not being pushed down enough.

It appears to be warping the whole grid but not together as a solid piece.

Also wanted to add....

You should add the ability to warp a already interpolated grid without going through the hassle of converting to a xyzg file and then using closest point. I am not sure if that even works this way. I tried it last night and the grid was not even warped at the end. Also It takes too long. It takes about 10 times longer to try and warp a xyzg ascii 3D grid than it does to use the warp to grid function when interpolating otherwise.


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If you are trying to warp the Gamma solid model using a grid surface, it is true that the GRD and MOD files must have the same extents (min and max X and Y) and number of nodes (X and Y) in order for the warping to be successful. In other words, if you were looking straight down at the models, they need to overlay exactly.

To warp the solid model with an existing larger grid, it would be nice to have grid resampling or clipping - it's on the wish-list. For now, using RockWorks you would need to export the grid's XYZ points and reinterpolate them to the smaller dimensions (e.g. as established under your Project Dimensions settings). I would first filter out any outlying XY points - this might make the interpolation go faster. Around here we also use Global Mapper, which does have clipping and resampling tools, and exports Rockworks grid models.

If you are still having problems getting the solid model to be warped properly by the surface, you can zip them and send them to the technical support email ([email protected]) and we can take a look.


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