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3-D object rotation

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I am having difficulty rotating my 3d objects in a reasonable way. The problem seems to stem from some change in coordinate system being used in the visualization program.

Most often I would like to rotate about the Z axis (in my project), while viewing from some angle above the horizon.

I would also like to be able to choose the point on the surface it is rotated about.

The interface for Rockplot 3-d does not allow these kinds of camera shifts.

Without the ability to export to VRML etc. I cant do key frameing or other kinds of flyovers that would really show off the models I have built.

Maybe I need to learn some of the innerds of RCL?

Also somehow the AVI ends with a crash instead of nicely. It could be something on my end I have not yet investigated thoroughly.

I would love to be able to distribute the built model for viewing by others.

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You're right, currently RockPlot3D doesn't allow the user to shift the Camera position. It only allows you to rotate the scene around its center. It would be nice to offer additional options and we'll consider this for future revisions.

I'm not sure I understand the AVI crahing issue. If it generates an error on creation try expeimenting with different compression options. I've found that though several are offered some of these won't work. Uncompressed is the most reliable but can generate huge files. Getting one of the compressions to work may be a matter of getting the latest drivers or just changing the color settings for your display.

If the error occurs when playing the AVI make sure you have the latest version of your AVI player and again try experimenting with various compression schemes.

Also make sure you have the most up to date version of RockWorks. We made some changes to the AVI Export last summer that greatly improved the performance and reliability.

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While trying to do the next best thing, Ive been trying to export to ESRI format so that our GIS guy can manipulate the objects. I cant seem to export my 3-D view from within Rockplot 3-D to ESRI sucessfully. Arc doesn't recognize the format. Note: I was exporting a series of panels. In the past I have had sucess exporting grids and points, and logs.


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The Shape Export is limited to isosurfaces, elevation grids and 3D strip logs (lithology and stratigraphy only). Other items will be ignored. If you still think you should be getting a Shape file you can Zip (File-->Zip All Linked Files) the scene and send it to me at:

[email protected]

Even as the developer of the program I'm still learning new tricks. You can change the rotation center by manually changing the extents of the scene.

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