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X/Y Spacing

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Just probably a stupid question but... how can I determine what spacing to use for my areas? I want it fairly accurate, Z-spacing is usually on 1.0, but when I change the X or Y-spacing the surface maps totally change. This really confuses, as it should be a simple start to a project.

Example of co-ords: Xmin: 432,300.0 Xmax: 432,550.0 Zmin: 118.0

Ymin: 306,050.0 Ymax: 306,300.0 Zmax: 127.0

Any ideas on spacing?



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The proper node spacing depends on the distribution and variability of your data points. I generally start with the X and Y (map) spacing set to about half the average minimum distance between the boreholes. Use Map / Borehole Locations to create a plan view map, and use the Measure / Distance tool to measure how far apart the borings lie.

I start with the Z spacing at least equal to the vertical sampling intervals. For example, if the lithology is sampled every half-foot, then I set the Z-spacing to 0.5 feet or smaller. The Z dimensions & spacing will only affect solid models, not stratigraphic models.

If you find that initial model densities don't adequately represent your data, then try making the spacing setting(s) smaller to bump up the resolution (e.g. more nodes). You can always display your logs with your interpolated diagrams, to compare observed data versus interpolated values to help determine how good the models are.


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