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Unconformities in fence diagrams

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Is there anyway to show an irregular surface unconformity from boreholes, rather than the unconformity being shown as a series of typically straight and linear beds?

Also, can the geological surface maps show the different lithological boundaries more rounded than being angular? Or is this just normal, due to the lack of information within the specific area from boreholes?

Many thanks.

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There are two stratigraphic fence tools: one that correlates with straight lines (no interpolation) and one that generates panels from interpolated surfaces. If you can generate a series of surfaces that correctly represent your units (e.g. Stratigraphy / Model) then those can be represented in a fence diagram display. For complicated structures you may need to do some grid filtering and then "hand-build" the model or fence using the Geol Utils Grid menu tools. There's a case study that might be helpful, at http://www.rockware.com/support/casestudie...plex_strat.html.

The geology maps are angular by nature, but can be less so with finer node spacing in your grid models.


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