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.grd topo to put on surface model

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Another quick question...

I am trying to create a surface model of the geology. Admittedly it is only a simple one but I need a grid file. I have created a grid file very easily in Surfer 8.0 of the topography but doesn't appear compatible (even though the extension is .grd), it comes up with an error. The parameters appear to be the same.

Is there any other way to create a topographic layout (.grd) to 'drape' over the model from my borehole heights?

Any help is appreciated!



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If you look in Grid/Import in the Geological Utilities you'll find that we can import your Surfer grid. You do have to know if its the older ASCII or BINARY format or the current grid format.

Or if you're working the Borehole Manager you already have the surface elevationsfor your boreholes and you can run Map/Borehole Locations.

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OK thanks for that, very useful.

Although, when I create a fence diagram of the boreholes most of the diagram is filled with a red and black tube, I can remove the black one but not the red. Can the logs not be moved up or down according their elevations instead of surface profile lines?

My logs don't appear in very good resolution, as they are sometimes only 1 metre in depth, is there a way to improve this?


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Not really sure what you're talking about but if you're creating a fence and displaying the logs you may need to adjust your log settings. In the Plot Logs item you'll see a list of display types with check boxes that turn them on and off. If you expand these menus you'll setting for Width and other properties.

Since RockWorks uses your real world coordinates shallow logs far apart may appear very small. You can expand them in both RockPlot2D and RockPlot3D by increasing the Vertical Exageration. In RockPlot2D its at the bottom of the toolbar on the left. In RockPlot3D go to View/Dimensions.

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