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from spread sheet to location file

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Hi folks

any one can tell me how can i convert assay data sheets like this:

sampl Nr, from, to, Au, Ag, Zn, Cu etc

In the shape that location i data table needs them:

from, to, Au

from, to, Ag

from, to, Zn


Perhaps it is easy but i dont know it


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You have a few options:

1. If the assay data is in an Excel worksheet as:

sampl Nr, from, to, Au, Ag, Zn, Cu etc

such as:

borehole-1 0 1 0.234 0.545 1.234 0.453

borehole-1 1 2 0.010 0.654 1.432 0.654

borehole-2 0 1 0.012 0.234 1.123 0.345

borehole-2 1 2 0.013 0.343 1.849 0.410

you can copy/paste the from, to, Au, Ag, Zn, Cu etc rows and column directly into the Borehole Manager I-Data tab for each borehole. This would require selecting the block of measurements for "borehole-1" in the worksheet, copying the block, bringing up the I-Data tab for "borehole-1" in RockWorks, and pasting in the block. You would then repeat for "borehole-2" etc. Be sure you have defined the column titles ("Au", "Ag" etc) in RockWorks by right-clicking on their column headings.

2. If you do not want to do all of this manual copying/pasting, and you want to use the Excel import tool, the I-Data must be arranged as shown here:

sampl Nr, value-type, from, to, value

such as:

borehole-1 Au 0 1 0.234

borehole-1 Au 1 2 0.010

borehole-1 Ag 0 1 0.545

borehole-1 Ag 1 2 0.654

This will involve adding the type column, and a fair amount of copy/pasting. Note that the rows can be in any order.

I don't know if this answers your question...


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Thanks Molly

that way i have used so far

but i have a big file around 25000 raws ( in exel) and is very painfull to transform them as rockwork location needs them or to copy and past

Kind regards Reso

By the way i woild like to express my high consideration to you, you are helpfull, prompt and very polite every time that i have something to ask. Thanks one more time

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