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Tie in for TVD log

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Sorry for my ignorance but I'm not familiar with the "tie in" terminology but I assume it's a known point at a certain depth. Perhaps where several other deviated wells split from. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Can you assume that the well is vertical above the tie in?

If its vertical above the tie in then you can just enter the depth of the first survey.

Is your depth calculated from the KB or from the tie in?

If your depth is from the KB and the well is deviated above the tie there won't be any way for LogPlot to calculate the deviations above the tie in. If the depth is measured from the tie in you can treat the elevation of the tie in as the KB.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the reply. Your answer does help. At least I know that the product cannot do what I want.

Best regards



I work mostly with horizontal wells. Maybe I can shed some light on your problem.

If the tie in point is down hole and you have data above the tie in point, the only thing you can do is to enter a survey point at your uppermost depth, of inclination 0 deg in oil field terminology or -90 in LogPlot terminology and azimuth as 0, then enter the survey information for the tie in point at the correct depth. From there continue entering surveys to TD or wherever you last survey is.

If this doesn't make sense I can post an example file for you.

Myra Nelson

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Attached is a zipped excel file showing the tie in at 0' with 0 azimuth and 0 inclination.

If you want your log in true tvd not subsea elevations you have to change the the elevation (kb) on your setup page to 0. Otherwise you get subsea elevations in the depth column. This is one place it would be nice to be able to select whether or not you wanted subseas for geological plotting or depths for log presentation.

The file shows the inclinations from vertical as they are given in the oilfield.



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Philippe and I are very appreciative of this file you let us look at.

With all the different .dat layouts you can create, I know that I will need the orientaion tab and possibly the multicurve tab as I want to show what I am plotting at what TVD depth.

Now, here's where it gets a bit hazy... I know that TVD depth, Inc and Azm go into the orientation tab. Would I from that point plug everything else into the multicurve tab????? :blink: I have yet to get that to work correctly. <_<

Any additional help on this would be greatly appreciated. We are still new to this program so aside from reading the manual we are learning as we go.


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That depends on what you are trying to plot. Normally it would be easiest to put the data in a multicurve tab.

It would be helpful if you could upload your data for me so I can look at it.


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