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Converting UTM to Lat-Long in Geological Utilities

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Here's the error I get:

GENERAL:UTM_DECIMALS integer setting is undefined

... but I have set the decimal places as recommended in the help dialog (=6).

After I click "OK" it fills in my lat and long columns with incorrect values, and with a precision to only single degrees (not very useful). I also tried making the conversion by scripting with RCL. This time I got the blue progress bar (encouraging), no error (still encouraging), but no results.

If I try the reverse, lat-long to UTM, that calculation seems to have no problem.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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You should check your revision date (in Help / About) and download the latest version from our web site. You can use the Help / Download and Install / RockWorks (Most Recent Version) for a direct link to the download.

I'm using the version last updated on 1/10/06, and it seems to be working ok.


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