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When I tried to calculate volume (for this test file that I know what volume is) I have different numbers: from stratigrafig model volume is 75628 and from idata model volume is 52500, the expected volume should be round 73000 (one zoom view of dh results(bar grapfs), stratimodel (top and base of ore body in pink) and zn model(blue color) together is included in the file question volume) Why is this difference in the thickness of interpolation as you see in the file?

Any user guide for Rockworks 2006

If you have any advise on these problems I will appreciate very much Regards Reso

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I cannot tell from the information you provide why the volume computations are different.

Since this is a data-specific issue, it would be best to communicate with you directly via email rather than through the forum. If you could zip your project folder and email it to [email protected], with an explanation of what program tools you are using, we would be grateful.

Please also send a follow-up email to let us know to expect the data.



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