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Program appears to hang when entering text/descrip

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If you are double-clicking in the Text cell of a Text data tab or in the Description cell of a Lithology data tab and the program appears to hang up. it may be that you simply cannot see the Editor window that is supposed to pop up on the double-click. (This can happen if you are using a dual monitor system in the office and later restart LogPlot on a single monitor in the field - the Editor window is simply being displayed off to the right of the current display.)

Here's a possible solution: After the double-click, when the program appears frozen, try typing Alt+space (press and hold the Alt key and then press the Spacebar. This brings up a standard Windows application menu which you probably cannot see.) Then type the letter M. (This activates the "Move" command in that menu. The letter can be upper or lower case.) Then use the left arrow key on your keyboard to move the missing window to the left (or the right arrow key to move the window to the right) until it appears on the screen. Once you see the Editor window, you can click inside the editing area and type in the text. When you click OK to close the Editor window, the program will remember its last screen location and will display it there the next time you double-click to type in a description.

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