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We have been trying to model a dataset using the interpolating data option in stratigraphy however we are unable to get the borehole data to fit the interpolated model. The data has an unconformity and while the first few layers match up reasonably well anything below the unconformity fails to match the borehole data.

Any hints on how rockworks can fix this?



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I would first check these items:

1. Be sure your Stratigraphy Table lists the units from the ground downward, in order. The program relies on the stratigraphic sequence to know which formations really are depositionally older.

2. Onlap: if you turn this option on, the program will give precedence to lower formations where they overlap.

3. Missing formations: If you have lots of pinchouts, you may need to be careful to include missing units in some/all boreholes, set to a zero thickness. This then gives the program enough control to create models that will pinch the units out. (See the help messages about missing formations.)

4. Project Dimensions: It's always wise to be sure the X and Y node spacing are adequately dense to represent the stratigraphy properly. You might start with the X and Y spacing set to half the average distance between your wells.

There's a case study on our web site that discusses complex stratigraphy - you might take a look at that (http://www.rockware.com/support/casestudies/complex_strat.html). It was written for RockWorks2002, but applies fully to '2004.

Finally, if you're stuck, you can zip your entire project folder and email it to our support staff at email [email protected], with an explanation of what's going wrong.


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