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Processing multiple samples


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From: Tiziano Boschetti

Subject: Processing multiple samples

I'm using a GWB 4.0.3 version. I've a database of 200 water samples and I'd like to calculate the saturation indexes. It's possible to copy at the same time more of one sample data in the spreadsheet form (edit--> Paste From Spreadsheet)? It's possible to include in the dataset, other than basis concentrations, a parameter as density?"

From: Tom Meuzelaar

Subject: Re: Processing multiple samples

The ability to process multiple samples is not available in GWB version 4, but is available in GWB version 6 via TCL scripting. In the GWB 6 reference guide which you can preview on the GWB support page at: http://www.rockware.com/catalog/pages/gwbs...ort.html#guides there is an Appendix entitled "Multiple Analyses", which gives a sample script using SpecE8 that speciates and calculates saturation indices for multiple samples which are initially stored in a spreadsheet. You can use the control scripting features with any of the GWB 6 applications. You can set your initial fluid density in React via the Config- Variables menu. The default density unit is g/cm3.

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