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Convert Phreeqc format to GWB format or EQ3 format

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From: Burnol Andre

Subject: Convert Phreeqc format to GWB format or EQ3 format

I am wondering wether a code converting Phreeqc to EQ3 format for the

thermodynamic database is available ? I know that, recently, thermo_phreeqc.dat - The thermodynamic database from PhreeqC release 2.8 - is ready for use with GWB. But I don't know how the conversion was made ?! if a code was developed for this purpose, it will be not very difficult for me to adapt this convertor if the sources are available. I am currently using a modified llnl.dat in Phreeqc format and I would like to convert it in EQ3 format. It will be for me a big help not to have to rewrite all my modifications in EQ3 format or to develop myself the convertor.

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