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Guest Tofer Lewis

Overlay rock or soil patterns

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Answer: Yes you can do so in three ways:

1. Create "Combined" Keywords and Patterns.

Logplot uses "keywords" to link descriptive information for a particular depth interval to the graphic pattern that will be plotted automatically by the program for that interval. For example, a lithology entry of "sand" will tell the program to plot a dot-type sand pattern in the log's pattern column. Or a lithology entry of "sand and silt" will tell the program to plot a pattern (shipped with the program) that is a combined sand and silt pattern.

We ship the program with over 100 keywords; you can easily delete any and add any you wish, and associate any changed or new keywords with patterns of your choice. This is all easily done within a point-and-click program window. The keywords can be as complete as "Sand and Silt" or as short as "SM". You can also edit any of the patterns using the LogPlot pattern editor.

2. Overlay Description Intervals.

This method involves simply overlapping the depth interval descriptions so that more than one pattern plots in the overlapping zone. This allows for a more transitional view. This works best using a "Text Column" for the labeling of the intervals, rather than a "Lithology Description Column" in order to place the text more precisely.

3. Overlay Another Pattern Column.

This method makes use of another Lithology Pattern Column entirely, to show overlapping intervals.

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