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Guest Tofer Lewis

Autofill the symbol and size columns

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Question: Is it possible to autofill the symbol and symbol size columns on the symbol data tab?

Answer: This feature is now available in LogPlot 2003. For previous versions, use the work-arounds described below:

Work around one: Are you aware that holding down "ctrl" and "c" at the same time copies the highlight cell? "Ctrl" and "v" at the same time pastes, so simply copy and paste value down through the column, usually quicker than retyping your value and is definately faster than double clicking and choosing the symbol each time.

Second Work around (should only be attempted by those who consider themselves relatively computer competent): Copy (ctrl c) the value to Excel and paste in the first cell (ctrl v), then copy the value in Excel (ctrl c) and hightlight the entire column by clicking on the A, then paste (ctrl v) this will fill in the entire column with your value. Then just hightlight entire row again by clicking on the A and choose ctrl c for copy. Then in LogPlot just choose ctrl v and paste the data in the appropriate column.

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