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Guest Tofer Lewis

How to share LogPlot files w/ linked images

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Full Question: How do I share my .DAT and .LDF with co-workers and others using LogPlot when I have images that are part of the log?

Answer: LogPlot allows some flexibility in how these images are linked:

If you declare the full path for the image(s) in the DAT file (which is the default method when you double-click in the Bitmap data tab to browse for the image file name), then the program will store that full path in both the DAT file and in the compiled LDF file. This means that if the files are transferred to another computer, the path and folder names must be maintained or the images re-linked and recompiled.

If only the filename is entered into the Bitmap data tab with no path declaration, then LogPlot will store only the filename. LogPlot will always look to the local folder for the linked image file during compiling and during re-opening of saved LPT files. This means that as long as you keep the DAT, LPT and JPG files in the same folder, the program will find them, regardless of where that folder resides. This method does require that the DAT file has been saved on disk (e.g. is not a virtual file residing only in memory).

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