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Is a digitizing Puck/Cursor or Pen better?

Guest Tofer Lewis

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Many prefer pen digitizers for creative drawing in raster or vector graphics programs; they are more flexible and less tiring that a puck-cursor. However, for digitizing detail, the puck cursor reigns supreme because of precise point location on the underlying grid of the tablet (some of which are finer than 0.0005"). Their are accuracy problems with the digitizing pens. The reported coordinates will change as you change the tilt on the pen. As long as you try and maintain the same angle the errors shouldn't be significant but it is something you should be aware of when doing any digitizing.

Most agree the Puck/Cursor is better. Depending on scale, a point every vertical foot is more than adequate to accomplish what you need. Just try to honor the curve shape and symmetry.

If you are in saerch of a good digitizer and want a lot of flexibility and don't want to spend much, I would suggest looking at the The Rat by Divestco. It's a great digitizer that is suprisingly very accurate for its mobility, anyone digitizing logs should look at it...

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