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[OLD] Swapping in Rxn

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From: Paul Foellbach

Subject: swapping in Rxn

I have got a question about RXN. I am interested in the reaction of Calcite. If I give the command "react Calcite" the following reaction is given as result: Calcite = CO3-- + Ca++. If I try to swap the QUARTZ for any species that contains O or Si like CO3-- the RXN answers

Rxn > swap Quartz for HCO3-

-- Mineral Quartz can only be swapped in for: SiO2(aq)

Can you tell me how I figure the reaction of the SILICATION: CaCO3 + SiO2 = CaSiO3 + CO2(g) ?

From: Wang Lian>

Subject: RE: swapping in Rxn

Try the following:

Rxn > react Pseudowollastonite

Rxn > go

Pseudowollastonite + 2*H+ = H2O + Ca++ + SiO2(aq)

Rxn > swap Calcite for Ca++

Rxn > go

Pseudowollastonite + H+ + HCO3- = H2O + Calcite + SiO2(aq)

Rxn > swap CO2(g) for HCO3-

Rxn > go

Pseudowollastonite + CO2(g) = Calcite + SiO2(aq)

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