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Guest Tofer Lewis

Order of items in the Automatic Data Template

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Guest Tofer Lewis

When you create an automatic data template to match a log design, the order in which the data tabs get listed in the LogPlot data window (and in which Edit-Text items are listed on the Edit-Text tab) is determined by the order in which the entities are listed in the log’s design. So, the first item inserted into the design will be listed first in the design file, and the last item added to the design will be listed last. In turn, that first item will generate the first data tab in the data window, and the last item the last tab.

You can change the order in which these items are stored in the log design using Log Designer's Edit > Send to Back command. By clicking on the entities in the design window in the order in which they are to be listed, and choosing Send to Back for each, you can effectively re-order their listing in the log design file. There is one important caveat, however: This will also affect the plotting order when the log is compiled. If it is important that a particular curve be plotted on top of another curve, it must be listed later in the log design.

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