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[OLD] Adding basis species

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From: Elias Rosen

Subject: Adding basis species

I am trying to use GWB to investigate carbon dioxide sequestration via mineral carbonation. In the process under consideration, two organic acids (citrate and edta) are employed to dissolve chrysotile. I have added these species to the thermodynamic data set, using Citrate 3- and EDTA 4- as basis species, and including the various protonations and complexations of these species within the aqueous complexes section of the database. React will read the database, and I can use this altered database to model systems that include edta, but as soon as I specify a concentration for citrate I receive the following error message:

React stop: def_basis: add_basis failed

-- Hit any key to quit React

It appears that both acids have been included using the same formatting, and without knowing what this error refers to I have been unable to resolve this problem.

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