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[OLD] Supcrt92-GWB database compatibility


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From: James Wilson

Subject: Supcrt92-GWB database compatibility

Could someone please tell me whether the supcrt databases (92/96) are consistent with GWB databases. I have thermodynamic data I wish to incorporate into GWB, and I am using Supcrt92 to generate Log K values.

From: James Cleverley

Subject: Re: Supcrt92-GWB database compatibility

Here at Leeds for supcrt we have: S95.dat (September 1995) Slop98.dat (GEOPIG's 1998 database that includes metal complexes from Sverjensky 1995(?) and loads of organo-metalics) S99.dat (Cl & OH end-member minerals from Berman 1988, Sverjensky, 1991). From what I can see the 1996 GWB database (LLNL) is more comprehensive than our S95 but not as comprehensive as the Slop98! I don't have a 1996 database for supcrt. I know this doesn't help much with your query but does raise the issue of knowing what databases are globally available and a) where they come from, and B) what they contain. I guess it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility to have a GWB/supcrt/EQ36 dedicated web site with compilation lists of what software and databases are available in the public domain?? - just food for thought and to provoke ideas!!!

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I am working about supcrt92 on my PC under windowsXP.

I changed my PC (too old) and in my new PC, there is Windows 7 . So I can'nt run supcrt program on my new PC. Is someone has a solution and bring me some explanations. I think that Zupcrt90 work under dos and have never been actualized. I want to calculate the thermodynamic of H2O (intlerlayer) with H2O (liquid) along the saturation curve?

Than you very much for your help.

best regards.

Ph. Vieillard

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