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[OLD] Dataset format

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From: Yoshida Yasushi

Subject: dataset format

I have another question for database format. In the top of database there are dataset of he header lines.


dataset of thermodynamic data for gwb programs

dataset format: oct94 <<---

activity model: debye-huckel



I would like to know some rules to set month and year on second line 'dataset format: '. If other data is set in dataset format, GWB code says 'thermo.dat is in wrong format.'.

From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: dataset format

You should not change the format identifier. This is the month and year that the format -- in other words, the arrangement of data fields – of the thermo dataset was established. If you want to include information about, for example, when the dataset was last modified, you should do so in a comment line, starting with a “*� in the first character position.

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