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Using RockWorks with Regional Settings outside U.S

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Rockworks2004 will honor the "Regional Settings" that you have established in the Windows Control Panel, specifically the way that real numbers are entered. While "," is the digit grouping symbol and "." is the decimal symbol used in the U.S., this is not the case for other regions where the symbols may be reversed.

When RockWorks is first started on anycomputer, it will look at the number formatting established in Windows, translate the tutorial data files and system library files into that number format, and write them to the My Documents\RockWorks2004\Samples and System folders. As long as your own data is also entered using the indicated numbering format, RockWorks should work fine. It will be able to read the numbers correctly as well as use the appropriate characters in contour and point labels, in legends and computations, and so on.

Important note: If you CHANGE the number formatting after you've worked inside RockWorks, you will need to reset the program's defaults prior to running RockWorks again. The easiest way to do this is to rename the existing "My Documents\RockWorks2004" folder to another name, such as "My Documents\RockWorks2004_old", and restart RockWorks. It will think it's a new installation and will rebuild the sample files and system libraries for the new numbering system.

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