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How to make the balance between initial water and sandstone?


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Recently, I used Petrasim 2018 to simulate dissolution and precipitation in sandstone under meteoric water, but it always reminds me  " Singular Matrix in Chemical Solver, STOP". I tried to use PHREEQC to balance river water and sandstone as suggested, the results from PHREEQC show different chemical ions with Petrasim/toughreact (like Al3+ in PHREEQC, AlO2- in Petrasim/toughreact). Then I used part and all of PHREEQC balance results as initial water, but these two inputs both remind me same error " Singular Matrix in Chemical Solver, STOP". At this time, I did not add boundary water in this system. I feel so confused and donot know how to solve this problem. I desperately want help from Petrasim/toughreact specialists!
Best regrdings!

1.sim solute.inp chemical.inp flow.inp

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