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Grid Import Bitmap error: Invalid XY Units


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I am trying to import a TIFF raster generated in ArcGIS to RockWorks as my ground surface. I keep getting the error "Invalid XY units - Undefined". I have checked that the xy extent of my TIFF encloses my project extent. The TIFF and project are in the same datum and units. I have adjusted several raster export settings in ArcGIS and generated several files with different settings (good ol' trial and error) and get the same error. Can you please tell me what else could specifically triggers this error?

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Hi Mark;


This is going to sound really lame, but ... we're currently in the process of rewriting the entire grid import code to be more accommodating to GeoTiffs.  Specifically, we're switching to the GDAL library that ESRI, MapInfo, AutoCAD, etc. use.  After two months, we're just a few days from releasing a beta version which I would be glad to send to you if you'd like to try it out.  I've spent the last three days running USGS 1 arc-second and 1-meter GeoTiff files through the program and just discovered a bug that I'm working on this evening.  Haven't had a chance to run a GeoTiff generated by ArcMap yet, but will within the next 24 hours.  In the meantime, if you'd like to send me one or more of your GeoTiff files, I'll send you back a RockWorks grid(s) but I'll need to know the desired dimensions of the output grid.


Best regards,


Jim Reed


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