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Digitizing in Stream Mode in RockWorks

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RockWorks offers point and line digitizing into the Geological Utlities datasheet, interfacing with an external digitizing tablet.

RockWorks does not provide stream digitizing in order to prevent huge amounts of data from being captured. With stream digitizing, points are entered at a constant rate whether the puck has moved 10 inches or 1/2". This can lead to a large amount of data that has to be processed by the program. By contrast, with point digitizing you can place as many points as you need to accurately trace a line, capturing more points for sharp inflections and fewer points where the line is relatively straight.

RockWare offers other programs for tablet and screen digitizing which generate data that can be imported into RockWorks. You can search for "digitizing" on the RockWare home page for a listing of the current products.

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