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Could not save or open file (IOException, EOFException errors)

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Hi, my PetraSim 2020 (x64) cannot save or open sim files saying,

"Could not save to (path~~) Cause: IOEXception: Could not write ~~. Check permissions and try again"

"Could not open file: (path~~) Cause: EOFException"

Actually, I recently upgraded my C: (changing SSD). Maybe because of this? But when I check the status of license, it's Licensed.

And what is strange is, existing sim files have no problem in opening.

Any solution to this?

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Dear Jaeishik Chung,


This seems to be a permissions issue.  Is a report generated when this error occurs?  If so, it would be helpful if you could send this to tech@rockware.com.


I do not believe that we've seen this error before.


Best Regards,


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