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A new version of RockWorks2022 was uploaded to the RockWare website, with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. 


The RockWorks Revision History has a complete list, by date, of all changes in the program.


New Features:

  • The Borehole Manager / Lithology / Multivariate Map program has been rewritten and enhanced to include bar chart, spidergram, and blended color maps.
  • The 3D Triangulation Surface program now includes an option for adding a "skirt" around the perimeter of the diagram in which the base elevation is defined by the user.
  • Added a Location Map program to the >Borehole Operations >Maps menu. This programs allows users to create a location diagram for previously created and saved sections, profiles and fences that are stored in the project database.
  • Five new import options have been added to the Lithology Types / File menu. Selecting one of these options will add pre-defined keywords and associated patterns for the selected soil classification system. This will alleviate the drudgery of manually populating a lithology Types table.
  • A new option titled "Merge Lithology & Stratigraphy Tables" has been added to the program that creates custom-color tables. The purpose behind this new capability is to assign colors to a solid model that has been created by merging lithology and stratigraphy models. Search RockWorks Help online for the full write up about custom color updates.
  • The Borehole Manager/Fractures Solid Modeling program has been re-designed and significantly enhanced. These changes apply to geotechnical (tunneling and roadcuts), environmental (contaminant migration pathways), hydrothermal (steam vents), mining (breccia pipes and hydrothermal venting), and petroleum (hydrofracing) applications.
  • A new option titled “Sort By” has been added to the 3D Lithology Legend sub-menu. If the Sort By option is set to Name, the legend will be sorted by the lithology Keyword. If the Sort By option is set to G-Value, the legend will be sorted by the G-Value.


  • The size of the RockWorks exe file has been decreased from 659mb to 253mb by relocating some of the help messages. This means that the program loads much faster.
  • Excel/Text Import (Row-based tables) Now displays a red "X" button to close a Block Mapping tab. The selected tab sheet is easier to see with the title bolded. The Combo-Box on the Block Selection tab displays an alternate button ("...") to show the block mapping tab for that selection as a further indicator for the user to look at the mappings. The drop down list can be sized.
  • When loading example datasheets in to RockWorks the program will match datasheet columns with items in the menus.
  • The raster export menus within RockPlot3D will now automatically append the appropriate suffix to the file names if they are omitted. For example, if saving a PNG and “Test” is entered for the file name, the file name will be automatically renamed to “Test.png” if the OK button is clicked.
  • The grid creation dialog will give you an overwrite warning if the Grid file exists.
  • Users can now switch the RockPlot3D Cage units between meters and feet. No projections are changed.
  • The Depth Bar in RockPlot3D can now be switched to display feet or meters.
  • When creating a new project based on an existing project the linked files in the RockPlot3D file are now copied with the RP3D file. No change to any embedded files.
  • Additional font size options have been added to the Sieve Analysis program for the Annotation and Axes. The Annotation font size is activated by an Override check box.
  • Changes have been made to the Lateral Blending algorithm to allow varying degrees of randomization specified by the user. Search in the RockWorks online help to learn more about the changes and see examples in a pdf document.
  • Sort Order for I/P/T-Data table is now honored immediately in the displayed grid after modification by the user.
  • Option now given to Sort tracks either by Name or Order for I/P/T-Data table when using 'multi-track' export.
  • User can now specify the number of decimal places for the track values when using I/P/T-Data multi-track export functionality.
  • The Density increase and decrease button within the Pattern Selection sub-menu now increase and decrease in 0.25 increments thereby minimizing the need to manually specify the Density.
  • In the Polygon Table Editor, you can now import from a datasheet that defines polygon perimeter points.
  • When Editing data in the Borehole Manager (e.g. Lithology) using the 'Edit as a Datasheet' tool, only applicable menu items have been preserved, especially for the Import menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Stratigraphy section creation will now continue even if a missing surface is encountered.
  • The Label Decimation checkbox within the 2D diagram Peripherals / Color Legend now properly enables / disables the decimation setting.
  • The Preview button in the RockPlot3D 'Rotate' Animation now displays the rotation axis. (Remember to move the dialog off of RockPlot3D so you can see the preview axis.)
  • Control points outside the clipping region as defined by polygons, superface surfaces, and/or subface surfaces are now used during lateral-extrusion model interpolation.
  • The RockPlot2D Text Table dialog no longer displays the column configuration panel by default.
  • Opening RockPlot3D files from the Project Manager no longer opens with just the caption bar and instead shows the whole window.

We recommend that Network license users install the RockWare Network License Administrator v. 1.15. Contact support at rockware.com for a link to the latest version.


To download this build, use the Help | Updates | Check for Updates menu inside RockWorks20. 


RockWorks Link, click on free trial tab:  https://www.rockware.com/product/rockworks/
where you can download the installation program and install the new build right over the top of the existing program. (DO NOT uninstall first.)
Note that you will not be able to use this new build of the program if your maintenance has expired before March 2022.

Contact RockWare Sales or visit our Customer Portal (https://www.rockware.com/customer/) if you would like to update your maintenance.


Katy Duncan
RockWare Inc

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