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Grid data from multiple sources


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RockWorks does not include an option to create grids based off of more than one source file.  You will need to compile all of the data into a single RwDat file or a Txt/CSV file (note that the XYZ -> Grid program allows you to interpolate based on a DataSheet (RwDat file) OR an ASCII file.


The one exception to this is that the Stratigraphy Modeling program allows you to use "Supplemental Points" when creating a model.  This requires that you compile the additional data into a single RwDat file that has a specific format.  The program would then use the data stored in the Stratigraphy Table of the database along with the RwDat file during the generation of grids that make up the Stratigraphy Model.


We are always working to improve the program and would like to get some more information about the types of data you can combine in Petrel during grid interpolation.  You have mentioned sheets, lines and existing grids.  If you would like to contact us with some additional information about how this is done, we would be happy to log this in our "wishlist" database and consider it for a future build of RockWorks.  You can contact us at tech@rockware.com.

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Under the Stratigraphy menus, you can find this option (called "Include Additional Contacts Defined Within RwDat file") under the Strat Rules tab.  You can also find an example RwDat file called "Supplemental Stratigraphy" in the Samples project installed with the program.


You may also want to review this recently created video, which introduces the concept of creation "PJ" boreholes in the database to help with interpolation.  This video recommends that you add PJ boreholes to the database by digitizing them in Google Earth and then transferring them to a Utilities datasheet.  You could also digitize points in RockPlot2D using the Digitize | Points tool, and then the Option | Export tool on the left side of the window where the digitized points are listed.


Feel free to reach out with additional questions, either through the forum or through tech@rockware.com.



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