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Wrong display of 2D striplog

Vincent Verswijvel

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Recently I've updated from RW17 to RW20 and I noticed a fault in all of the borehole operations that display 2D striplogs. 


The left bar represents the lithology while at the right you can see CPT-data. Lithology is measured from collar elevation and the CPT-data (P-data) is measured from elevation. This is something I inherited from the project in the past. However, both the lithology bar and the CPT-data should start (and end) at the same level. 




Left: RW20

Right: RW17


In RW17, the lithology bar and the CPT-data coincide perfect as you can see on the right picture. 


Is there a new setting in RW20 that I missed, or is this a bug? 


Kind regards


Vincent Verswijvel

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I suspect that you need to change one of these columns to be hung off of the Collar Elevation datum, rather than the Elevation datum. This would be set at the top of the data table in the Borehole Manager database.


If you continue to have problems, please feel free to send us your project (to tech@rockware.com) and we will take a look.


Best Regards,



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Hello Vincent,


Please send us the backup of your project database to (tech@rockware.com) - to get the backup please click under the Borehole Manager tab >File >Backup Database and save the zip file to your computer. The file should be small enough to send over. 

Include with your email the version of RockWorks that you currently running on your computer and the workflow you are seeing the issue with. 


Thanks for your time.



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