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EOS7 - Brine Definition & Tracing flow of brines of different sources in a simulation

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I am looking for more clarity on the definition of brine in EOS7.  In the TOUGH2 user's guide V2, it states that, "The brine is modeled as NaCl solution, while the non-condensible gas is air, although the treatment could be adapted, with minor modifications, to other brines and gases." (Sec. 6.6, pg. 40). 

1. What exactly does it mean NaCl solution? (for example 90% NaCl and 10% freshwater)

2. I want to model the flow of brines of different origins, how can I trace these two different origins brines (e.g. flows, mixing, transport etc)?

            Petrasims seems to only allow a tracer to only one brine (the EOS7 brine, which I am not sure it's true definition and if it is possible to modify and split into separate brines). 

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It is my understanding that the composition of the brine is really defined by the brine properties that the user defines (which is a reference P and T, along with a density).  I don't think that the standard EOS7 simulator would allow you to define more than a single brine, so I don't think that it would be possible to track the spread of brines of different origins.


You might consider posting this same question on the LBL TOUGH forum:  https://tough.forumbee.com/


Someone there may have some additional suggestions or input for you.


Best Regards,


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