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Plotting order of well construction types (RW 17)


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Hi,  is there a possibility to determine the order of drawing of the well construction types?

I am defining a type 'borehole' to see the borehole wall. But that one always plots as last, so I have to manually send it to the back.

Additionally is there an option to tell RW only plot the outer border and do not fill the plot item?



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Hello JuDi,

The drawing order for Well Construction types is defined by the base depth in the Construction Types Table. In the case of a tie (same depth) then it will default to the order they were entered to the table. Possibly you could add a small depth increment to the 'borehole' item to get the depth just a little more than other items?

In the new version of RockWorks, improvements have been made in how the Well Construction layers are drawn. In RockWorks17 I'm afraid you will need to use the >right click >move to back option as you have discovered or adjust depths slightly. 

For your fill plot item question you are able to double click on the Well Construction item to open the Polyfill Attributes box where there are options to check on/off the fill, border, and pattern for that item as well as a check box to make it visible or not. 

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