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Automatic update of rock properties

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I am creating a TOUGH2 model with 40 rock properties. In order to adjust my model, I am interested to update these 40 rock properties based on an equation I have created.


I wonder if there is a way to do update these rock properties, without having to do it manually each time, since it is too long.


One solution could be to load  a "model.dat" file with updated rock properties. However,  I noticed that a new "model.dat" file is created during each new run, thus I seems not possible with this solution.


Do you have any idea how it could be done?

Thank you in advance for your answer/help



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Thomas,  you can import a list of material for each cell through the Model|Set Cell Data menu.


Another option would be for you update the DAT file and then run the model through a command line, rather than through the interface.  If you are using the TOUGH2 simulator that is packaged with PetraSim, it will output results as CSV files that can be visualization in the interface.   You can find some instructions on how to run a model using the command line here:  


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