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Converting ToughReact V3 output to plot in Petrasim

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Hi, I am running simulations that are set up in Petrasim but are run in ToughReact V3 because I am including adsorption (as surface adsorption sites) and aqueous kinetics in the chemical.inp file and solute.inp file. Is there a way to import the output from the V3 runs back into Petrasim? The simulations are using the Volonoi gridding and the Petrasim GUI is really easy and practical for viewing output compared to Tecplot.



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You may find this online conversion tool useful:  https://www.rockware.com/customer/PetraSimCSV.html


It has been developed to convert TOUGHREACT v3.32 output files that are in a TecPlot format to the CSV files that are used by PetraSim for results visualization.


This currently works with the flow model output, as well as the water chemistry and minerals.  It is not currently set up for display of gases or vectors (or other types of output).


This is something we hope to address later this year in a new version of PetraSim.  Please feel free to reach out to me directly with questions.


Best Regards,



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