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RockWorks Version 2021.2.9 Error - Local Help Documentation

Paul Crossett

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If you have changed your preferences to have the Help Documentation downloaded locally onto your computer, you may receive an Access Error violation when upgrading to RockWorks Revision 2021.2.9. This error occurs as there is an issue with correctly unzipping the updated Help Documentation onto your computer. If you do receive this error message, please follow the steps below to resolve this issue.






The best way to correct this problem is to edit your RockWorks System.ini file. To get to this file you will need to go to C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\RockWare\RockWorks20, and then open the System.ini file in a text editor like Notepad. AppData is a hidden folder, so you can either type it into the file path at the top, or in your File Explorer options check the Hidden Items option.






Once you have the System.ini file open in a text editor, you will need to scroll down to the HELP_FROM_INTERNET option and change it from =0 to =1, and then save the file.




After you have saved the System.ini file with that change, then please start up RockWorks again and hopefully this should resolve the issue. After RockWorks has started up you can go back into the preferences option and re-select saving the help file locally.

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