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Display multiple 2D ERT pseudosection in Rockworks as a Fence Diagram

Hemraj SK

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Hello fellow friends,

I am still kinda new with RockWorks. I would like to know if it is possible for me to use RockWorks to create a Fence Diagram consisting of all my 2D resistivity pseudosection that I have produced using RES2DINV or is there another method of doing so like extracting the data in some format in order to do so. I have attached an example of the fence diagram I am targeting to produce with RockWorks if it is possible. (**the image is for illustration purposes only)


If this can be done, is there any tutorial on how it could be done? I would really appreciate your assistance in this matter. Thank you.


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Yes, if you can convert each resistivity profile to an image (e.g., PNG file).  You'll need the XYZ coordinates represented by the lower-left and upper-right corners of the profile.  Here's a link to the documentation: Displaying Multiple Images as 3D Vertical Panels (rockware.com)

and here's an old video (RockWorks15) that describes the process (below).  The screenshot at to base of this message shows where to find the program.  Also; there are several sample/tutorial files.  Another method is to export your resistivity data as XYZG points, create a block model, and slice/dice the model to create a 3D fence diagram, but that's a lot more work.  If you get stuck, send me an email: jim@rockware.com  - Jim Reed.

Importing the actual resistivity data, creating a block model, and slicing/dicing is a lot more work.  



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