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[OLD] Reaction trace plotting problems

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From: Anne Taunton

Subject: Reaction trace plotting problems

I am having trouble plotting a correct reaction trace on an activity-activity diagram in GWB release 4.0. I have attached my input files along with a .cgm file of what is plotting on my activity-actvity diagram. The React output has talc, tremolite and chrysotile saturated by the end of the reaction. However, when I plot the reaction trace, it plots only in the chrysotile stability field. I have made sure that the working directory and React_plot file are correct. A friend of mine has plotted the reaction trace in a previous version of GWB, and it plots correctly in his version. Has anyone else had this problem with version 4.0, or am I missing something?

Attached files: Win, Mac: [general_q53.rar]; Linux: [general_q53.tar.gz]

From: Craig Bethke

Subject: Re: Reaction trace plotting problems

Yikes, that certainly is wrong. The problem is fortunately confined to Act2, when you project traces onto diagrams which use activity ratios on both axes. We will fix this and include the correction in a patch that we will distribute soon.

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