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Dear Sir or Madam


Hello, everyone. I'm a user of petrasim 


I got the error when I use the element names option "show white space as zeros"  


I consider the option only applies flow.inp and solute.inp.

It doesn't affect MESH and INCON files because these files are made by tough executable.

So, I think this option makes inconsistency of element names between solute.inp and MESH(or INCON) files.


Is there any way to solve this problem?


petrasim version 2020.1.0108 x64


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The "white space as zeros" option will not work with most versions of TOUGH, including those packaged with the PetraSim interface.  This is because TOUGH element names are made of 3
characters and two numbers.  For the number part, "04" is written as " 4" in a TOUGH and TOUGHREACT output files, so they are normally excluded from the input file created by the interface.  Unless you are using a different simulator (for example iTOUGH2), you should disable this option.

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