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Error Loading MIDAS.dll - RockWorks20xx

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The Midas.dll error can occur when RockWorks20xx is launched. It is caused by the midas.dll file not being properly registered. To correct that follow the steps below.

  1. Close RockWorks.
  2. Open up a command prompt by selecting the windows button + R at the same time.
  3. Type cmd into the Run window like the screenshot below which will bring up the command prompt window.
  4. On the first line after C:\Users\Username type (or copy and paste) in: cd "c:\program files\rockware\rockworks20\"  and hit Enter.
  5. That should bring up a second command line starting with c:\Program Files\Rockware\Rockworks20\ and after that type (or copy and paste) in: regsvr32 midas.dll  and hit Enter.


A window should then pop up saying: DllRegisterServer in midas.dll succeeded. Below is a screenshot of what this should roughly look like.




If the error persists, users have found that running a registry cleaner solves the problem, presumably by removing conflicting references to the DLL.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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