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When I try to export a cross section (Rockplot2D file) to a .emf or.wmf, the cross section gets cut off (see attached). Choosing manual VE of 10 (which is the VE of the section) and a size 11x17 page.

This used to work well but now all of a sudden it cuts everything off. Thanks for your help. 


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Hi Allison,


Thanks for your posting.A few questions:

  • Can you specify the revision of RockWorks you are using (e.g. 2020.9.3)? I'm having difficulty recreating this issue in both RockWorks17 (the last posted 2020.5.6) and RockWorks2020 (the current 2020.5.3 build).
  • Does the output file look different if you open it into a different program? Metafiles are tricky because they can look very different when opened into Paint, for example, versus Word or Illustrator or PaintShop or...
  • Do you need to use the EMF/WMF for your desired output? High-res raster output is more predictable.


You are welcome to email your RockPlot2D file (.Rw2D) to support at rockware.com and, with the information from above, we can try to recreate the issue.


Molly Mayfield
RockWare Support

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  • 2 months later...

Sorry I haven't responded sooner, Molly. I am currently using RW20 9.3. We use windows meta files to load our cross sections into Adobe illustrator. Raster images are harder to work with in that program. I do view the wmf output file in paint but even when I send it to someone using illustrator, it still looks cut off. I'll send my 2D file to support. Thanks!

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