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Importing data from Excel into RockWorks

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You can import data from Excel into both the Borehole Manager and Geological Utilities windows in RockWorks.

For the Borehole Manager, you must be sure to set up the Excel worksheets EXACTLY as documented in the RockWorks help messages. (There is an Excel template, with all possible worksheets, on RockWare's main support page. You can use this to lay out the data in Excel.) To import the data, use the File / Import / Into Borehole Manager / XLS (Excel). There are some options regarding borehole file replacement/renaming, etc. It's important to note that this process does not append data to existing borehole files, it creates entire borehole files with the full complement of Excel data. If you need to append data from Excel onto existing borehole files, you must first export the borehole data to Excel, add the new data, and then re-import.

For the Geological Utilities, a single Excel worksheet can be imported. Use the File / Import / Into Geological Utilities / XLS (Excel).

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