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Constraining ground Surface

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Two tech-problems in Strat modeling:

1. Volume of model is very low at 5.7 cubic million feet, checked dimensions in google [good] and units [utm feet], and volume ft3 good

2. Surface profile checked in Strat Model Sections [red line] results in basement grid top redline. Generating section does not provide ground surface. I checked grid dimensions are same in topo grid / project grid. Surface profile checked, Topo grid model correct.


Two strange problems I have had before and resolved by moving data to new project


BTW - System is not allowing me to upload latest backup 109kb and section BMP 120kb file, Please advise


Thank you



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Hi Craig,


1. It sounds like the grids in the Stratigraphy model that you are using for volume calculation do not represent the surfaces very well. Check for errors by creating contour maps of the upper and lower surface with the well data to check the models against the data. Use Grid Math to subtract two surfaces to get a thickness contour map plotted against the well data. Change the gridding algorithm and other options to change the Stratigraphy model grids.


2. This one sounds like the ground surface grid was replaced with the basement grid. Regenerate the ground surface grid to resolve the problem.


Your project and BMP can be ZIPPED and uploaded to https://rockware.com/upload/ or shared via your favorite cloud storage service, such as Google Drive, DropBox, or SendFile. Include a description of the procedure you perform that results in the problem so that we can retrace your steps to duplicate the problem.



Tom B

RockWare Inc

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Hi Tom,


Thanks again for guidance. Regridded topo for surface improvement. Added "basement BH's" and poly clipped to basement outcrop. Recreated model with simpler algorhithum. Volume is now reasonable. Grid checks and strat model checks next. Your guidance saved me a lot of time.





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