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Stratigraphy data structure for stratigraphy modelling

Vincent Verswijvel

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Hi all


I am wondering how I should enter stratigraphy data when I don't know where a certain border between 2 stratigraphies is situated. 

For example, my borehole only reaches into the first layer, which I call 'A'. The reached depth is 4m and I know now that at least the first 4m are A (but it could be more, I just don't know that). The following layer is called B, but I find no evidence at this specific borehole to allocate the layer of B to a specific depth. What is the correct way to enter this data into the stratigraphy tab of the borehole manager? 


Datastructure: Depth to top - Depth to Base - Formation

Option 1. 0 - 4 - A

                 4 - 'Nothing' - B

Option 2. 0 - 4 - A


Option 3. 0 - 'Nothing' - A


What is my best option here to enter my data? Does Rockworks (17) make a distinction between the 3 different types of input? 


Kind Regards


Vincent Verswijvel


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